Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Please Watch "Animal Witness: The Michael Vick Case"
If anyone's still around and reading my nearly-abandoned blog these days, please take the time to check out this program. It will be re-airing several times in the next few days on Animal Planet... What a great show; both informative and enlightening: Did you know that most of those horribly abused "vicious fighting dogs" have now been adopted, and many were happily placed to families with children?? If only MV could be sentenced to have to suffer anywhere near the suffering he caused to the poor animals under his care. Before I get carried away on my soapbox though: Please check your local schedule and watch (or Tivo, or whatever) this if at all possible. It's a very eye-opening program, especially to anyone who believes that pit bulls are inherently mean-tempered dogs! Thanks! :)
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
A talented ventriloquist?!?!?
Who woulda thunk a ventriloquist could win America's Got Talent?! As much of a reality TV junkie as I am, I don't tend to have much interest in shows like this, or American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, etc (Last Comic Standing being the one exception; I've always loved it, and think it's a few steps above those others, but I digress...)... However, because I love Sharon Osbourne, I had to check AGT out this season. Whenever an act like a juggler or a fire-eater or a ventriloquist comes on, even if they appear talented, my immediate reaction tends to be, "Okay, so the person is talented, but honestly, is there really a chance s/he's going to be America's next big star with *that* kind of talent??" So was the case when I first watched Terry Fator appear on AGT. But man, time and again, every time this guy had a chance to perform, he blew me away more than the time before. I've never seen anything like it... And before long I found myself actually hoping the guy would win... Not only did he really impress me, but all three of the judges (even Piers, the "Simon-wannabe-type" that tends to always be one of the judges in this genre of reality shows). And not only did he impress all three judges, but obviously he really impressed all of America; at least the viewers who voted. And I'm telling you, if you didn't see him and you are doubting me (and I wouldn't blame you a bit if you were), you have to check out some clips of this guy doing his stuff. It is truly incredible. I still can't really believe I'm promoting a ventriloquist... But the guy can really sing, and go back and forth between impersonating-singing via dummy, and singing "himself", seamlessly. Often in completely different styles and ranges. Enough about him, because I can't explain it nearly well enough to do it justice... You just have to see it for yourself. And the fact that a ventriloquist could win a show like this truly says it all... Reality-cheeseball-show factor aside. Honestly. Terry Fator deserved this title, and I'm *so* happy he won. I hope his career continues to make history for ventriloquism in the future (it's so weird, I still feel funny saying such things... but that's just how good he is!).

I was torn for awhile there, because Butterscotch is also really talented, and also incredibly unique. I'd never heard of a beat-boxer who also sings, and sings pretty well to boot! But she doesn't just sing and beat-box, she does both at the same time!... Oh yeah, and can play piano at the same time too! Seems impossible, but she pulls it off... and does quite a phenomenal job at that. I think it's quite possible she will help bring this new style mainstream, and I feel as if I actually may have witnessed the making of music history. How often does one see a style of music that's so truly new and original? Not quite as dramatic as seeing Elvis on TV for the first time, but still, same idea. It's pretty exciting!

So before I ramble on too long, get distracted (who, Me??), and abandon this post along with the dozens of other "drafts" that age away un-posted, I'd better wrap this up.. But one more thing before I do: Honorable mention must go to the other two talents who ended up in the top four. First, Cas Haley... For the most part I detest reggae, but this guy really makes it work, even for me. I don't think he's an outstanding singer, but he's just got "it"... Charisma and character, and just seems like such a sincere and sweet guy.. America couldn't help but love him, to the point of voting him as second place for the entire season's competition. I personally would have put Butterscotch in second place, but hey, third sure ain't bad... And I honestly believe all four of these finalists are gonna do just fine. The last of the four, Julienne Irwin, also sings a style I'm not exactly fond of, country... but she just has such potential, and just seems so sweet it's almost sickening... but not quite. :) She's really just a doll... And though very green, she grew & matured over the short period this season of AGT aired... I think she'll go really far, and will continue to do better & better as she grows up and gains more experience at what she's doing.

Oh yes, and while I'm in the midst of honorable mention, there is one more act who certainly deserves it... the Calypso Tumblers. Another type of act I never would have thought could have impressed me like they did... They've been street performers for years, and I wish they could have gone further than they did in the competition. But the stuff they do leaves you with your mouth hanging open... Truly amazing... See for yourself by checking out above link and following the video links at the bottom of that biography page. And by the way, my enthusiasm for them has nothing to do with the fact that each and every one of them has rock-hard, perfectly sculpted bodies... I swear! But it certainly doesn't hurt, either. ;)

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Sunday, August 12, 2007
Speaking of pets...
If you scroll down my sidebar on the right, you'll find a new button added for The Animal Rescue Site... You can click once a day (it's free!) to Provide Food for Shelter Animals. Once you click the button on their site, scroll down for links to several more similar donation sites: There's one to Support Free Mammograms to help prevent breast cancer, one for the support of Child Literacy, one for Feeding the Hungry, one to Save Rain Forest Land, and one for Child Health Care. Each can be clicked once a day... there's no easier charity than that, am I right? :) Although it can't be a bad idea to support the organizations which advertise on these sites, if you see anything that looks interesting to purchase... just as an afterthought. Oh yes, and one more thing, there are also links you can add to your own blog for any or all of these charities, should you be so inclined.


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Saturday, August 11, 2007
Vote for Nutty!
Please vote for my precious puppy dog for pet of the month at LuvMyPet Photo's Pet of the Month contest. Grand prize is $100, which isn't that much, but I could use anything I can get these days.. Besides it would be bragging rights for my doggie, whom I love more than life itself. Luv My Pet is a "traveling vet" that goes around to different pet stores where you can bring your critters for immunizations or microchips, etc, at a much less expensive cost than if you just bring 'em to the vet for the same treatments...


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Friday, March 02, 2007
A new slideshow... I love my scanner! :)
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Friday, February 02, 2007
The Cardinal Target Rule
I completely forgot, and went to Target last night with a red sweatshirt on. I kid you not, I was there less than ten minutes, and it was right before closing... The store was nearly empty, yet I still had two different people come up to me to ask for help.

I knew better, but of course was there in a rush and totally spaced it... At least I was in and out of there, as I was Not in the mood to be polite!
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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Happy New Year! ;)
Okay, so I'm a little late. Very unlike me, I know. Did I mention my New Year's resolution to become better about blogging? No? Hmmm, must be why I don't make New Year's Resolutions!!!

So this is a way-over-due quickie (no, not *that* kind of quickie!) to say hello to anyone who may be left around checking in once in awhile. I am *so* grateful for the well-wishers and people who still come by the blog, and even comment on my aging, rare posts. I continue to *think* about posting almost daily. But what can I say, work & life (not necessarily in that order) have both been pretty crazy lately.

I had to come back and rearrange this paragraph because I always like saving the best for last: The bad news is, I'm still not doing much in the way of working out... and I still haven't gotten my bedtime very much under control... The good news is, I do get some exercise; I walk my Lovey-Nutty-Doggie just about every night for at least 10 or so (often more like 20 - 30) minutes each time (it's a start, and will be a lot easier to improve on exercising overall once the days are a bit longer and the weather a bit nicer... Never mind that I have a gym membership and that the gym is right around the corner!)... I am slowly improving getting to bed at a more decent hour (in a two-steps-forward, one-step-back kind of way). I *am* sleeping better overall, by far. Much more soundly, and I take stuff to help me get to sleep much less often these days... Most of the time when I do it's more of a precaution than anything else, or even just something to make me tired when I'm wide awake... It's tough to change the Night-Owl tendencies, ya know?

Anyway, speaking of crazy work. I'm here now (as of this week it's back to the "commute" just one day a week, to come in and help answer our 800 line) with tons & tons to do, so I better sign off for now. Hope to see you again very, very soon!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
My Christmas slideshow


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Christmas Ass

Life is all about
asses: You're either
covering it,
laughing it off,
kicking it,
kissing it,
busting it,
trying to get a piece of it,
or behaving like one .....

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Sunday, December 03, 2006
He Said...
(My boyfriend) Jeff's version of the events that took place the day before Thanksgiving:

You’ve probably already read about the myriad surgical procedures that Sherri had done to improve the symptoms of her obstructive sleep apnea. If I ever harbored doubts about Sherri's grit, I discovered through this ordeal that she ranks as One Tough Cookie. Even if she did keep a stuffed toy penguin with her.

None of the doctors downplayed the difficult surgery or painful recovery period. It can take weeks or even months to even find out if it actually benefits your sleep. You’re on a liquid/soft foods diet for weeks afterwards, etc. And usually between Day 7 and Day 10, the scars are well on their way to being healed and the major obstacles have been mostly overcome.

But, not always. Not in this case, when more than 3 weeks after the surgery, another obstacle presented itself. A tougher test. And not just for Sherri.

As of Wednesday, we had locked in our plans to have Thanksgiving dinner at her newly-wed sister’s new home the next day. We were really looking forward to it - although not necessarily the four-hour drive it would take to get there. This was Recovery Day 22, and while Sherri still had some swelling on her chin and mild discomfort when swallowing, we saw progress virtually every day.

Around 4:30am, her alarm sounded off the time for her usual concoction of pain meds - still taken at set intervals so she doesn’t wake up in full-bore ACHE-mode. I groggily eyed her spitting a small amount of blood into her water cup. Then, a few more times. We checked her Post-Op instructions. Possible slight bleeding. Hmmm. A pager alert returned by the doctor-on-duty validated our concern, but since the mild (certainly not ‘slight’) bleeding had stopped, we were advised to call back if it occurred again.

I left for work with Sherri still dozing, aided by Percocet, which quite understandably had become a most trusted friend since the surgery. At 8:30am I was just a couple miles away when her distinctive ring tone interrupted my otherwise quiet commute. Between what sounded like crying mixed with gulps for air, I heard her say that her cup was now half-full of blood.

Some kind of symphonic neurological misfire took place somewhere in my brain when she added, “…And it won’t stop!”

I think(?) I attempted to sound fairly calm when I told her I was close by, I was turning around RIGHT NOW, and to please sit down if she was standing up. I no longer needed my usual morning java to become fully awake. Honking my sorry Ford horn like a madman, I bellowed out my lowered driver’s side window something to the effect of “Medical Emergency, I Need To Get By!” as I zipped through at least four red lights on the way back home. I found her (standing - dammit!) in the bathroom, hovering over a cup filled with a deep red mixture that looked oddly carbonated. Sixteen ounces. And it won’t stop.

Engine left running, with Sherri now holding a tupperware pitcher below her chin, I again navigated both red- and green-lighted intersections. She held a classic airline-crash stance that whole trip - head lowered, leaning forward - except for that pitcher of what started resembling cherry Kool-Aid I might have made as a kid - an inch of water and far too much sugar added that gave it kind of a sludgey look.

Men do not like to feel helpless. Probably, especially, when it comes to protecting a female. It was not easy responding calmly to her occasional frightened, gasping cries that she was going to be alright, that the hospital was only a couple minutes away (the deciding factor in not initially calling for an ambulance), and to try and focus on taking a breath between spitting half-coagulated foamy red gunk. I remember lightly rubbing her back in the hopes that it would calm her and somehow magically make it less likely that she would pass out on me, leaving me to figure out how to stop the stubborn bloodflow from choking her to death.

I also remember the grateful relief of pulling up to the emergency room door, feeling both confident that she would be under the protection of modern medical science within moments, and amazement that losing - sorry, spewing - at least 32 ounces of blood had not yet rendered her unconscious. I vividly recall holding her arm on the way past the triage nurse who ushered us in, knowing by her movements that she would have made it in whether I held onto her or not.

It is a good feeling watching people who know how to take charge in the ER. If there’s ever a place where the mere presence of confident, decisive people can make a difference, it’s right here. Even if one of them finally had to sternly relegate me outside the door because I was “getting in the way”. Hearing Sherri’s gurgled objection that she did NOT want a hypodermic needle jabbed in her throat gave me no doubt she was going to be Just Fine. Apparently she didn’t really need her stuffed penguin after all.

It was later explained that Sherri had a blood vessel in her throat that didn’t heal properly from her tonsillectomy, which unexpectedly opened. After applying a local anesthetic, they cauterized the small area in the back of her throat, and after a half-day of observation, thankfully allowed me to bring her home. Back to liquids and soft foods for a while. And more Percocet.

We spent a quiet Thanksgiving at home, just the two of us, enjoying Turkey soup and nice, creamy mashed potatoes. We gave a lot of thanks that day.

I have never seen the hit show ER. I don't feel any need to start watching it now. My mother was a nurse in an ER for a time, so I have a good idea about what they do, I just don't understand how they manage to do it, day after day. I am going to write a note of gratitude to those people at the Good Samaritan ER for helping to save Sherri’s life.

I still don't know exactly how to describe the moment while we were quietly reflecting on the ordeal, when I realized that, Sherri and I both helped save her life, too. We kept our heads on straight when it mattered. Once in a while, you look back and realize Life was grading you on another test. I don't know if we scored 100%. Maybe a few points off for running some red lights....

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